acceloDex for the Storm

Version:  1.6.4

Accelerated Scrolling for your contact list. Quickly navigate through your contact list with a new take on the contact list.

  • Accelerated Contact List Scrolling
  • Accelerated Swipe Scrolling (Apply inertia to scrolling by swiping up or down at different rates)
  • Accelerometer Based Tilt Scrolling in Landscape Mode
  • Letter Bar allows you to jump to the names beginning with the letter of your choice for quick navigation
  • Phone Vibrates when the upcoming contacts start with a new letter
  • Pre-recorded voice will read out the new letter index as your scrolling (Volume 0 by default)
  • Contact Photos displayed in both the Contact List and Contact Screen
  • Contact Screen Simplified for Quick Calling, E-Mailing, and texting(SMS).
  • Addresses are displayed on top of the Contact Screen for easy viewing.
  • Filter/Categories Support
  • Multiple E-Mail Support (Swipe left/right)
  • In-App Resorting
  • Color Inversion toggle
  • Switch between Calling or Texting(SMS) by simply Swiping left or right on the target number
  • Ability to copy the Contact's Address or Target Number to the clipboard
  • Easily dismiss the Contact Screen by Swiping Down or Pressing the Back key
  • Customize the look of the interface by selecting your favorite font
  • Set the list to loop/wrap
Free trial available (All functionality available except invoking the dialer, SMS, E-Mail)

Price:   $4.99



  1. If you took a little more time in developing the Graphical interface it would be nicer. it just looks cheap you know? but it is a great idea..

    If you made it look a little nicer and it didn't have to be in landscape to work i would pay for it but since it looks like its not even ready for alpha testing and you charging 4.99 im gunna have to pass! nice attempt though and very original idea!!!

  2. Like said before if the UI was a little more attractive i'm sure a ton of people would purchase this. I bet thats what is holding alot of people back

  3. I would prefer proper function over a fancy interface. This thing works perfectly, makes using the phone much easier. A lot of apps just put lipstick on a pig and people buy it. Who knows why...

  4. 1.6 on my new BB storm with 2700 contacts - I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO BE ABLE TO GO TO A LETTER to find
    contacts beginning with that letter. Is there a trick to it ?

  5. Hi!

    We've had a viewer request to review accelodex on Mr. Mobile (www.butterscotch.com/mrmobile). Can you let me know how we would get a review copy?


  6. Please email at phrehnck@yahoo.com

  7. Do I need to start everytime this software or is it possible it starts when I click on the adress icon ?

  8. having a problem with the letter bar. seems to work down to about "G" then will not work after that. Any help?

  9. Also having problem with letter bar cannot scroll from F through J. Have latest version.

  10. Try sorting it by first name or last name

  11. Regarding the speaking of letters, as you scroll past into the next letter category; The above indicates that the volume is defaulted to "0" - how can we increase the volume??? Thanks again for making a great product!

  12. ............disregard....duh!, the fix is to adjust the volume key up or down while scrolling. It will save the last setting apparently....now, where is my helmet?????

  13. Hey Phrenhck.........

    I have a thought for one of your future updates to Accelodex - for us left handed folks, can there be an option for having the letter-bar on the left or right, instead of just the right side?

    Thanks again - this program is what 'saved' the Storm for me.

  14. Is there any way of displaying more than one number if the contact has several numbers assigned. Work, home, mobile for example.

  15. Great app... until... don't know why but can not use to call any longer. If I select a number the field turns red and sms is added before the number. Has never happened before and I don't think I did anything to cause it to happen... Help?

  16. Swipe left on the number to call

  17. Would like to be able to show which info to show - phone numbers like business, other, fax, home, ect...

  18. Accelodex doesn´t work with Storm Firmware ! Blank Screen after Start....

    Greets Kosh777

  19. Accelodex work with Storm OS !

    also, what is the difference between accelodex and the version on BB App World?